Nail Treatments

The complete collection of nail treatments from JACAVA London.

Whether your nails are craving hydration, brittle, thin, ridged or weak, JACAVA London have a treatment for you. Treat and condition your nails: these nail treatments are designed to keep your nails looking their very best with our exclusive range of advanced formulas

Ridge Filler Base Coat

This unique treatment has been developed to fill ridges and enhance the appearance of natural nails...

hydrating base coat

Hydrating Base Coat

Perfect for brittle nails that split, crack and peel. This treatment will feed and hydrate your nails...

nail shield base coat

Nail Shield Base Coat

This nail thickener base coat is perfect for thin nails. Formulated with Cellulose Fibers...

stain diffuser base coat

Stain Diffuser Base Coat

A nail brightener treatment, that contains light-diffusing blue/violet Prismatic Pigments...

Gro-Strong Base Coat Nail Polish

Gro-Strong Base Coat

A strengthener and growth base coat treatment for weak and bendy nails...