With the onset of winter, the mercury level never stops falling and it is now that you need to take remedial action with your beauty regime. With practical tips and protective care products, JACAVA London reveals time-worn beauty advice that can help you take winter weather in your stride.

Deep nourishing treatments for your skin

The changes in temperature can test your epidermis to the maximum. Dry, irritated, tight skin sensations are all perfectly normal, even for oily or combination skin types but, to maintain your skin’s healthy balance during the winter months, it is vital you select the correct nourishing care products. Oils provide outstanding nourishment, moisture and an essential barrier to water based threats to the skin’s condition as the temperature plummets. Shea butter, almond, apricot and coconut oils are the most well recognised protective ingredients to counter the damaging effects of the season.

Extra tip: rather than using aggressive soaps for cleansing the skin, choose instead a wash oil enriched in omega 6 to maintain your skin’s natural protective film, the acid mantel.

Keep your hair well hydrated

The cold weather restricts the production of sebum, which tends to further weaken dry to normal hair conditions. Brittle locks will require extra fortification on a daily basis and shea enriched conditioners are the perfect tonic for nourishing the hair’s fibres, maintaining soft and shiny manageable hair that is easy to style.

Extra tip: ensure that you minimize your use of dry shampoos, lacquers and other sprays that increase static electricity in the hair, selecting an alternative leave-in styling treatment.

Hand creams should be used regularly

Despite the extreme usage we subject our hands to, the skin on the back of the hands is naturally delicate and is made more vulnerable in cold weather. To protect from external assaults, it is essential to use rich, moisturising care product ingredients. Products that contain shea butter, honey, coconut and almond oils are generally favoured for their texture and appearance enhancing qualities that last throughout the day.  Keeping the cuticles moisturised and supple allows for easier manicure sessions and also protects the nails from becoming brittle and splitting.  Nourishing nail polish of course promotes beautiful nails and a 9 free nail polish is the best option for naturally beautiful nails this winter.  Check out JACAVA London’s fabulous array of colours: www.jacava.com

Extra tip: make sure you use nourishing oil with silk gloves at night to protect and treat sensitive skin and also your bedding from oil stains that are notoriously difficult to remove!

Lip Protection

Lips are sensitive to cold and wind, causing drying, cracking and chapping. Lip balms and sticks offer a protective solution, by providing a barrier of a thin layer of grease on top of the skin, that stops the skin becoming taught and dry. There are many such moisturisers available, some are tinted or gently scented but, generally, all serve the same moisturising purpose.

Extra tip: similar to body scrubs, lip scrubs exfoliate dead and dry layers of skin that are ready to shed. Gently apply to leave your lips beautifully enhanced.

The importance of sleep

It goes without saying that a good night’s sleep can restore the skin and body beyond what most lotions and potions can achieve! Aromatherapy mists, that can be sprayed lightly over your pillow, can offer added calming properties – the perfect remedy for drifting off to dreamland!

Extra tip: in addition to a cocktail of essential oils, to enhance the radiance of your skin throughout the winter period, you can also opt for a care product that incorporates essential fatty acids, that nourish the skin while you rest – the perfect tonic for beautiful skin!

Don’t forget that a healthy, balanced diet with plenty of fresh water, together with a programme of regular exercise, are essential for optimising your daily skin care regime!


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