Did you know that our nails are actually skin?  Nails are the last three layers of the five layers of the epidermis and – just as with our various skin types and conditions – nails too can become adversely affected by exposure to the increasingly inclement weather and the drying effects of our central heating systems.  If you invest in the benefits of a good moisturiser, you’ll likely have noticed your skin improve: the skin is less dry, less obviously wrinkled, perhaps younger looking!  Without moisturiser, the problems quickly start to appear.  Keeping a regular skin care routine ensures optimum results are maintained, without the need to resort to more extreme, hasty and risky measures that have, as you’ll no doubt have observed, varying and debatable degrees of success.

A maintenance and regular treatment plan is as important for nails as it is for the care of your complexion.  As well as suffering the adverse effects of our heating systems and the contrasting cooler weather outdoors, nails are also significantly affected by diet, exposure to harsh chemicals and detergents, the general condition of our health is also extremely important and – the bugbear of our times – age has a huge influence on our nails.  It is not by accident that our nails become drier and thinner or more rigid and less flexible as we advance a little in years but, even in much younger people, nails can manifest a multitude of disappointing and frustrating conditions, for which there are many possible causes.  After eliminating the obvious: any possible underlying medical explanations, checking for deficiencies in diet or simply kick-starting or fine-tuning a regular exercise regime, where the condition of the nails still continue to fail to produce any obvious signs of improvement then, in exasperation, it is a natural progression for many to reach for topical treatments and remedies to satisfy the desire to restore the appearance of the nails.  To many, being able to extend a well-manicured hand, without the embarrassment of flaking, thinning, ridged or discoloured nails grabbing the limelight, is as important as the outfit we select to wear, the quality of the shoes we invest in, and even the condition of our hair.  Having healthy looking nails is key!  For many, any detraction from a polished presentation is unforgivable, almost on a par with an admission of poor personal hygiene, imperfect etiquette and manners or a substandard education.

Luxury brand JACAVA London have created 5 new nail care treatments to help tackle various nail problems.  Whether your nails are craving hydration, are brittle, thin, ridged or weak, JACAVA London have an exclusive quality range of advanced formulas that help provide a restorative treatment that are designed to keep your nails looking their very best.

The five treatments:-

Ridge Filler Base Coat

This unique treatment has been developed to fill ridges and enhance the appearance of natural nails. The nourishing formula creates a smooth, levelled-out surface, so that polish can be applied evenly.  The ridge filling base coat is suitable for all nail types.  Apply one coat of Ridge Filler base coat on natural bare nails for a silky smooth finish.  This product is perfect for toe nails also, which tend to ridge easily.  Plus, you can apply Ridge Filler base coat to the ‘grow out’ area in between infills on any kind of nail extension to disguise the visible ‘step’ before applying colour.

Hydrating Base Coat

Perfect for brittle nails that split, crack and peel.  This treatment will feed and hydrate your nails, locking in essential moisture, necessary for moderate nail flexibility and durable strength.  Formulated with Hyaluronic Acid for moisture retention and hydration, this treatment additionally contains a natural vitamin and mineral complex of Vitamin A, Panthenol Provitamin B5 and Vitamin C, to nourish and condition the nails.

Nail Shield Base Coat

This nail thickener base coat is perfect for thin nails. Formulated with Cellulose Fibers, creating a natural and durable protective mesh, this shielding base coat treatment will safeguard thin nails from external damage.

Stain Diffuser Base Coat

In addition to Argan oil, Jojoba oil and Vitamin E, this treatment is packed with Vitamin Complex of Vitamin A, Panthenol Provitamin B5 and Vitamin C, for conditioning the nail.  Stain Diffuser Base Coat is a nail brightener treatment, that contains light-diffusing blue/violet Prismatic Pigments, designed to offset nail yellowing and produce a healthy natural nail glow.

Gro-Strong Base Coat

A strengthener and growth base coat treatment for weak and bendy nails.  This fortifying base treatment contains Nonychosine F, to deliver strength, and Ceramic Powder, for external reinforcement of the nail.

All 5 specialty nail treatments come with JACAVA London’s own unique 9-free formula and additional supplementary ingredients of Argan oil, Jojoba oil and Vitamin E oils, included for added nourishment and protection.  JACAVA London are not just 3 free or 5-free nail polishes, but all are 9 free of the nasty chemicals that are known to be harmful to health.  All 5 new nail treatments are base coat nail polishes and can be applied directly to clean nails and worn separately or beneath any JACAVA London 9 free nail polish colour.  Cover your colour healthily with JACAVA London’s quick-drying Prestige top coat nail polish, to provide a more chip-resistant protection, enjoy extra wear and ensure a super glossy salon professional shine in moments and, if you have problem nails, try out one of the 5 new beautifully curated nail care base coat nail polishes, to give your manicure the very best treatment this winter!

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