Brighton Rock

Thinking of what to do this weekend?  Why not head on down to the coast?  Brighton, approximately an hour from London by train, is the quintessential English seaside resort town and a popular day-trip destination for those seeking to escape the stresses and furor of city living.

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Panorama Brighton on a cloudy day, East Sussex


Its broad shingle beach and pier run parallel with a cluster of amusement arcades, candy-coloured beach huts and Regency-era buildings.

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Candy coloured beach huts along Brighton Beach



The Pier, opened in 1899, now boasts rides and numerous food kiosks – convenient for topping up with a quick snack and beverage, while taking in the sea air and enjoying a leisurely stroll across the wide pebbled beach!


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Chillax and take a moment to admire the scene


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Brighton Beach the perfect tonic


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Ride the carousel at Brighton Beach


The town is known for its nightlife, arts scene, shopping and festivals.  The perfect weekend tonic!

Without a doubt, you can’t visit Brighton without seeing Brighton Pavilion: breathtaking day or night, whatever the season!


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Brighton Pavilion deep winter


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Or take a dreamy stroll along the bandstand, purveying the swell of the sea as it ebbs and flows across the beach.

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Bandstand Brighton Beach


Brighton owes its fame to that classic novel, penned in 1938 by the great British author, Graham Greene and made into film in 1947, recreated to lesser acclaim in 2010.  The novel is a murder thriller set in 1930s Brighton and an absolute must-read for all would-be literary connoisseurs!

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Graham Greene’s classic murder thriller Brighton Rock


Of course, to those more interested in sampling the delights that Brighton has to offer the taste buds, the title simply refers to confectionery traditionally sold at seaside resorts in the UK and, most specifically, at Brighton Beach.  You can’t leave without taking home this sweet treat!

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Sweet treat Brighton Rock


Brighton Rock: the novel’s title is also used as a metaphor for human character and is explored by Graham Greene in his earlier work, A Gun for Sale (1936), where a murder of gangland boss sets in motion the events culminating in Brighton Rock.  If you’re not tempted to hop down to the coast this weekend, then the black and white film makes great Saturday viewing or, better still, sharpen your literary prowess and settle down with the book, all snuggled up indoors in the warmth, oblivious to the rain, swirling and pouring outside.   All you need now are a box of chocolates and a piping-hot cup of coffee!

JACAVA London have created two fabulously natural 9-free nail polishes, a luxury manicure treat to commemorate this great British author: Brighton Rock and Purple Pebble, the perfect accompaniment to a nostalgic weekend!

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JACAVA London’s Purple Pebble
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JACAVA London’s Purple Pebble colour swatch
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JACAVA London’s Brighton Rock colour swatch
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JACAVA London’s Brighton Rock



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