Friday Nights are Extra Special – See Where to Celebrate in London!

Friday nights are extra special and, for a place to celebrate in style, St Pancras Renaissance Hotel and Spa is probably going to be difficult to beat! Brimming with 5-star luxury and beautifully restored, behind the fairytale façade that blends Victorian splendour with modern convenience and service, this London bar and dining experience is second to none and, if you should wish to extend your stay, there are 245 immaculately appointed rooms, each with luxury Egyptian cotton sheets and sumptuous satin throws, inviting you to abandon life’s stresses, relax and completely enjoy the rest of your weekend!


From the dramatic gothic exterior, you are taken through the main hotel lobby, with its glazed roof, red bricks and Barlow Blue ironwork forge – a direct and silent connection with the station next door – and greeted with an enchanting large open contemporary space, elegantly furnished and bathed in daylight. Once an area where taxis rolled up with hotel guests, now stands London’s most spectacular lobby and, if an entrance needs to be made, this is certainly the place for it! The St Pancras Renaissance is a London icon and a model of modern hospitality, a truly unforgettable experience that will exceed your every expectation.


Step inside the spectacular glazed entrance hall and stride down the famous grand staircase to the Gilbert Scott Bar and Restaurant, with its brilliant cuisine.


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Or sip the finest wines and cocktails from crystal glasses and take a moment to imbibe the cathedral-like drama of the Booking Office bar, sporting a 29 meter long bar and fresh English fare, conversation-stoppers at any time of day even without the glamour of its 173 individually carved diamonds, nestled into the wood panelling!

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Weekday tours can be booked, to explain the history of this feature, the grand staircase and many more stories, unique to this beautiful hotel and special events at the hotel are nothing short of spectacular: the historic Hansom Hall venue is perfect for weddings and meetings of varying sizes.

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For a more personal pampering experience, make yourself at home and enjoy additional hotel amenities including the 5-star spa, as well as a gym and an indoor pool.

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It took a decade of restoration to uncover this Victorian masterpiece, that originally opened in 1873 to accommodate rail travellers through the St. Pancras Rail Station. Now the epitome of decadent luxury , visitors to London can enjoy an evening of perfection or the getaway of a lifetime!

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The only thing needed is JACAVA London’s Christmas nail varnish set, the ultimate indulgence to complete this uber pampering experience! Have a lovely weekend!x



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