6 Ways to get Scarily Tiddly this Halloween


The best Halloween parties start with the ubiquitous bowl of punch: that boozy blend of fruit and spices that isn’t too sweet, but instantly kicks the swing into the party and gets everyone bright and merry!  Each of the following recipe ideas make 6 cocktails, each with a shot of booze, which can be doubled or tripled at will.  Super easy to whip up or can be prepared in advance and finished when the guests arrive with the alcohol you’ve instructed they bring.  These recipies are great for any winter festive party too.

Lets get started!

[accordion id=”my-accordion”] [accordion_item title=”Apple and Hot Buttered Rum Punch” parent_id=”my-accordion” open=”true”]With its cayenne pepper ingredient, this warm rum punch packs a powerful kick!

Makes 6 drinks


1tsp ground nutmeg
2 cinnamon sticks
1/2tsp cayenne pepper
1 red apple, sliced
8 oz rum
8 tbsps butter
6 oz water
4 tbsps brown sugar


  1. Add water, brown sugar, butter, nutmeg, cinnamon sticks and cayenne pepper to a medium-sized pan.
  2. Over a medium heat, cook for about 10 mins, then remove from the heat and leave aside.  At this stage, the liquid can be left away from heat for a couple of hours, while you get ready for the party!
  3. When ready for serving, reheat the buttery mixture and add your rum and red apple slices. Serve with a ladle into small jars or teacups.

Nude nail polish and hot buttered rum

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=”Mulled Wine” parent_id=”my-accordion” ]For the perfect invite into your home, there is nothing more welcoming than a big pot of mulled wine simmering contentedly on the stove and filling your entire home with its cinnamon spiked perfume.

Mulled Wine and Cherry Brandy red nail polish

Makes 6 drinks


3 cups of apple cider
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1 tbsp ground cloves
1 bottle of red wine (Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon are the best rich red wines for this)
2 oranges
1/4 whole cloves



  1. Slice off 1-inch piece of each orange to obtain a little crescent garnish for your glass.  Insert whole cloves alonge the skin and cut the remainder of the oranges into slices.
  2. Into a medium-sized pot, pour the apple cider, adding ground cloves, all the oranges and the cinnamon.  Cook for 10 mins over a medium to low heat, then leave to steep for a minimum of 1 hour, allowing you to dress into your finest party outfit, finished with your favourite JACAVA London purple nail polish colour!
  3. When the party is ready to start, add the bottle of wine, simmering over a low heat for approximately 10 minutes.  Remove the oranges and keep warm on the stove until ready to serve in mugs or teacups.[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=”Pumpkin Spice Latte Dessert Punch” parent_id=”my-accordion” ]Drink with caution or you’ll unwittingly consume an entire pint of ice cream.  This punch is more a decadent dessert than a cocktail, so limit yourself to just the one glass of this potent punch or you’ll be reeling into next Halloween!

Makes for 6.


1 pint of vanilla ice cream
1 tsp pumpkin pie spice
1/2 cinnamon
1 cup of whole milk
For serving: a carton of whipped cream for serving and pumpkin pie spice5 oz vodka


  1. Add all ingredients to a blender and puree thoroughly.  While waiting, you could be admiring your matching Vanilla Slice nude nail polish.
  2. Serve in cocktail glasses or glass mugs, adding the whipped cream to the top and sprinkling the pumpkin pie spice over.  Use a straw or sip slowly.  Enjoy!

Vanilla Slice nail polish and pumpkin spice latte dessert punch


[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=”Pear Lime Martini Punch with Grape Eyeballs” parent_id=”my-accordion” ]It’s Halloween and you can’t pass up the opportunity to make some pretend eyeballs that look scarily real!  Peeled green grapes, sunk to the bottom of a cocktail glass or attached to a cocktail stick, are the creepiest tasty treats ever!

Pure desire peach nail polish and pear lime martini punch

Serves 6


1 oz St. Germaine
6 oz chilled vodka
14 oz chilled pear nectar
2 oz lime juice, including limes sliced for garnish
4 oz cold water
1 cup o green grapes, peeled


  1. Dilute the pear nectar with 4 oz of cold water.  While stirring slowly, add the St Germaine, vodka and lime juice.
  2. Add the peeled grapes and leave to chill in the fridge until ready for serving.
  3. Serve in chilled martini glasses over ice.

The perfect shade of green nail polish to accompany this cocktail, has to be Newburgh Street.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=”Gold Rush this Autumn” parent_id=”my-accordion” ]Classic Gold Rush cocktails consist of bourbon and lemon juice and an autumnal twist sees apple cider, honey and orange peel thrown in or good measure!

smooth liquid gold nail polish
Celebration. Two champagne glasses.. Gently toned, vintage colors, selective focus.

Serves 6


6 oz honey syrup (you’ll need to add 6 oz of boiling water to 4 tbsp of solid honey)
6 oz fresh lemon juice (approx. 6 lemons)
6 oz bourbon
6 oz apple cider
1 large orange


  1. Prepare the runny honey syrup, by pouring the boiling water over the honey collected in a small bowl or jar.  Stir for a minute to dissolve.  Leave to cool at room temperature or rest in the fridge.
  2. In a large jug, mix the lemon juice, cool honey syrup and apple cider.  Chill in the fridge for at least 2 hours, while you dress for your party!  Alpha Place blue nail polish is hot this season for your nails.
  3. Add bourbon and a generous scoop of ice directly before serving.
  4. To make the peeled orange twirls, use a vegetable peeler.  Serve the cocktail with the orange peel straddling the glass and sinking thirstily into the cocktail.[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=”Peaches and Cardamom” parent_id=”my-accordion” ]Of course, no Halloween party can go without this exotic punch.  Cardamom-infused gin compliments the sweet peach nectar to give this cocktail the thumbs up by all who imbibe!Peach nail polish and cardamom cocktail

Serves 6


14 oz peach nectar
6 whole cardamom pods
6 oz gin
4 oz water
6 slices of lemon to decorate the cocktail glasses


  1. Add the cardamom pods to a bowl with the gin.  To break the pods and release their flavour, use a wooden spoon or plastic spatula.  Leave to infuse for 20 minutes and then remove the pods.
  2. In the punch bowl, dilute the peach nectar with 4 oz of water, before adding the infused gin. Chill in the fridge before serving.
  3. Serve chilled in martini glasses or over ice as preferred. Add a slice of lemon to the side of each glass as decoration or, before pouring the liquid into the glass, dip the edges of the glass into a lemon juice and honey syrup, before redipping in sugar, to give that lovely iced fringe to the glass.  Enjoy your Halloween!!





Are you ready for partying?



Party Nails for Autumn

red nail polish pink nail polish

We are edging rapidly towards Christmas, and Halloween is almost upon us.  The nights are drawing in and party time is calling us to action.  Nail art beckons – yipee!!

Whatever you are wearing, you can’t go wrong with red and pink and that’s exactly what we have here for you today: a fabulously sexy, totally in vogue, ombre manicure!  Simple and quick, all you need are JACAVA London’s Definitely Red nail polish and Jane Eyre nail polish and between that, the all important duo: Prestige top coat nail polish and base coat, which help prevent staining of the nail plate and keep the nails chip free for as long as possible, giving the nails a salon shiny finish.

To start, paint all ten nails with your base coat.  The first nail should be dry before applying your red nail polish.  Remember to paint in stripes, from cuticle to almost reaching the nail tip, before returning to the cuticle.  You should have a nail completely covered with your colour, apart from a naked strip at the bottom of the nail, which is the free-edge fringe of your nail and will be reserved for the pretty pink smile line french finish.  Paint all your ten nails in this manner, remembering to keep the free-edge of the nail, free of any nail polish, as this is where your pink will complete the look.

For the pink, you can use one of three easy methods to achieve this.  For a sharp finish, when the red is completely dry, paint across the bottom of the nail, from left to right. For a more natural blurred line, you can either paint in the same manner above and then, while the pink is still wet, dab with a sponge to dismantle the crisp sharp line and make it more blurred.  Or you can simply use a sponge, bathed in your pink colour, to dab only along the edge of your nail, from left to right, repeating to increase the pigmentation, until you are happy with the depth of colour.

Make sure you always cover your nail work with your top coat nail polish, as this will help blend the two colours together and give a professional high shine finish to your nail art.  Enjoy!!

This stunning nail art can be created in many complimentary or contrasting colours.  Blackcurrant Vamp purple nail polish and Smooth Liquid Gold from JACAVA London, lend a more festive glamour to your nails – give it a try and send us your pictures, we’d love to see these!

7 Ways To Avoid Turning Blonde Hair Yellow or Brassy


Ever thought of what it takes to keep salon-blonde hair looking fabulous? If you’ve ever gone blonde, you’ll know that success comes only with lessons learned.  With beauty, most are armed with the hints and tips that lead to near perfection: use only clean make up brushes, to avoid breakouts; eye-shadows come with a short shelf-life and need to be replaced regularly; for a smooth application of cosmetics, cleanse, tone and moisturise first etc.  Care of blonde hair, however, takes a little more skill. Why is this, you wonder?  Because blonde hair seems to take an army of experts to maintain!

Hands up, all those bottle-blondes who’ve suffered the occasional unwanted yellow and brassy tones? Quite a few show of hands, no doubt! Fortunately, now, you don’t need to go to night school to find the antidote: we’ve consulted colour experts Suki Mahood, owner of Hair Sprits, and hairstylist to the stars, Jessica Lamb.

“Ash and Champagne blondes look more natural and expensive,” Suki says. “Yellow and brassy hair just doesn’t look right, it looks cheap and poorly cared for and it might not be the result of an inexperienced stylist!”

Other colours of hair are not so temperamental.  Why is blonde so likely to discolour?  There are two reasons.  Anyone contemplating going blonde needs to appreciate that highlighted hair is very rarely the exact colour you’d hoped for.  To approach anywhere near the desired colour, toner must be used to treat post-bleached hair.  Jessica explains it: hair colour is like purple nail polish, and toner is like a clear glossy top coat of nail polish, that can eventually wear off, leaving a dull colour behind.  This wearing can be avoided by reapplying your top coat regularly, to maintain that shiny surface and beautiful pigment; ditto toner.

The second reason is something that can be handled at home: “Blonde hair is more porous than most coloured hair and, over time, tends to become discoloured,” says Jessica.  Water and other products, introduced to the hair, can all have an effect.  Which means that, forewarned is forearmed: having the right tools to counter any ill-effects, can keep your blonde looking fabulous for longer.
Click through the following top 7 most common culprits of discoloration.

[accordion id=”my-accordion”] [accordion_item title=”Water Filters” parent_id=”my-accordion” open=”true”]Unless your blessed with an infinite supply of bottled mineral-free water, the minerals in your water supply at home might be the cause of discolouration. “Over time, the hard water in our showers permeates porous coloured hair and grabs at the minerals and metals, changing the colour of the hair,” Suki explains.

Jessica confirms that, “The best thing, to obviate this possible contamination, is to invest in a shower filter.”  She says.  “Older buildings have old pipes that pollute the water supply and churn out elements that interact with the colour and composition of the hair.”  Hair filters are relatively inexpensive and are an absolute must for her blonde clients.  “Take it like this,” Jessica explains, “Would you wear a deeply pigmented nail polish, without first applying a base coat nail polish?  You’d be asking for the pigment to be left behind to stain the surface of the nail – the same applies to non-filtered water!”

Shower filters need to be replaced regularly, but are easy to screw on and off most showerheads.  Jessica has located a good source for these: HERE


[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=”Pre-soak” parent_id=”my-accordion” ]Chlorine in swimming pool water can completely strip blonde hair of its toner. Even saltwater can discolour.

“Your hair can absorb any strong chemicals applied to it.”  Suki offers a quick fix: “Your hair is like a sponge so, directly before your swim, completely soak your hair with clean water, so that your hair can’t absorb more of anything else, then seal with a little conditioner.”  If you can’t shower, douse your hair in bottled water first and remember to also cleanse immediately after your swim.  “Just be aware that chlorine is there to clean the pool and that’s what it does to your hair: it cleans the toner right off and just one exposure can completely change your colour and ruin your hair!”

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=”Dry Shampoo” parent_id=”my-accordion” ]”Excessive washing speeds up the likelihood of the hair going yellow (for lighter blondes) or brassy (darker blondes or brunettes).”  Suki recommends exchanging normal shampooing, which strips the pigments from hair and, instead, opting for dry shampoo, going for longer periods between washes.  If it is untenable to go without the daily wash, rinse with water and condition, to revitalise without the severity of normal shampoo detergents, stripping the life from the hair and altering the colour to something less desirable.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=”Purple-popping” parent_id=”my-accordion” ]Overdoing the purple shampoo, instead of lightly toning, can have more of a negative impact than could perhaps be expected: you could find that the colour has distributed beyond what you’d expect even unfiltered water could achieve.  You could find that you’re left with dull ashen, lilac and even grey hair!

So, go easy with the purple shampoo and conditioner – don’t use to excess and don’t leave it on for too long before rinsing.  Jessica advises to limit using purple shampoo and or conditioner to only once a week. “Comb the conditioner through, only leaving on for two to three minutes,” she advises. Eventually, you can build up to a maximum of ten minutes, but don’t exceed this or you’ll have unwanted results.  “If you’re looking to revitalise the colour, see your colourist for a top-up toning and gloss conditioning treatment, for best results.”

Suki prefers purples for blondes and Jessica opts for blues for more brunette highlighted hair.  Both recommend Boots for a fabulous range of blonde shampoos and conditioners: HERE

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=”Sulfate Dull-fate” parent_id=”my-accordion” ]You’ve probably heard the phrase “sulfate-free”.  Suki explains the importance to blondes: “Sulfates are detergents that froth up the shampoo, leaving the impression of cleaner hair.”  This is only the half of it.  You need something more gentle on toned hair, to avoid lifting the colour.  “Colour-treated shampoo is the key and sulfate-free is an absolute must for bottle blondes.” Jessica insists.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=”Over-blonding” parent_id=”my-accordion” ] Going too blonde can make the hair more porous. Too light or over-highlighting can make the hair too blonde and more porous. The last thing needed, in this case, is to reach for the wrong shampoo and conditioner: investing in lightening versions is a definite no-no, as this will alter the hair colour beyond what your stylist would be striving to achieve for you.  “What you need is a product that repairs damage and locks in a protective layer to the cuticle.”  Jessica suggests sulfate-free and non-lightening products and enthuses over the natural benefits of coconut oil that you can purchase from any good health store: HERE


[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=”Sealing in the Gloss” parent_id=”my-accordion” ]Having followed all the previous advice, but still finding unwanted brassy or yellow locks?  Jessica offers her final tip: gloss wraps.  “At least once a month, go for a deep conditioning glossing.”  The wraps close the cuticle, preventing colour fading and helping to block environmental, and other external factors, from affecting the colour and condition of the hair.  Suki compares the gloss wraps with top coat nail polish: “A good quality clear gloss top coat protects the coloured nail polish from losing vibrancy.  It also adds shine and chip-resistance, protecting your manicure in between salon trips.  Gloss wraps serve the same purpose: locking in colour and offering protection from external damaging factors.  Most high-end salons would offer this as an add-on treatment – make sure you take full advantage of this service, as your hair will reward you handsomely for it!


Are you ready to go blonde?


purple nail polish bottle

The crisp snap of autumn, with its fallen leaves and steely blue skies, sends a message to wrap up well and prepare for this brisk new season of fun!  The perfect colour for your manicure this week is purple nail polish: pure and simple with a top coat and base coat, or decorated with nail art.  Phene Street, a beautiful dusky, grey-blue, purple nail polish is the perfect colour to kick-start your autumn!

purple nail polish bottlephene-street-SWATCH



JACAVA London boasts a range of well over 100 different nail colours. Browse the rest of our purple nail polish range today.

Fashion Week Every Week: Sexy Sloaner

It’s October and London Fashion Week has now hit Paris. New York Fashion Week has been and gone and the US stores are abuzz with the new beauty colours and fashion trends and excited clients, clamouring to take their share. Fashion and style are all around us and working their magic to inspire and thrill you. This week, JACAVA London gives you the start of a weekly update of what’s hot this season. Reinvent yourself and be the person you want to be – be bold, be brave, be different – go exploring and seek out something similar. Above all, fall in love with the season and have fun!



City chic timeless style essentials to take you through to spring.




Wool-twill and silk crepe de chine vest




Emilio Pucci

Satin-trimmed silk-georgette midi dress





Suede thigh boots




The Row

Wristlet silk-satin clutch




Saint Laurent

Lace scarf



red nail polish

Make your outfit complete with JACAVA London’s Damson Delight deep plum red nail polish.

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10 Best Nail Shapes

We worry that we have the perfect garment, that fits well and flatters our body shape and compliments our skin colour. We find cosmetics that hide our imperfections and highlight the features we like the most. What about our hands, though, and most particularly, what about the shape of our nails? Do any of us take the time and trouble to find the most attractive nail shape for our hands? A professional nail technician would generally advise you to mirror the shape of your cuticles but, if you want something a little different and are not a nail technician, most of us would not know what shapes are possible. This post will help you find the perfect nail shape.


short nails

Short nails are unlikely to inflict harm and are super easy to clean. These are the perfect solution for busy mums and anyone dealing physically with other people.


mountain nail shape

Mountain shaped nails are beloved of pop stars and reality TV personnel alike: Rihanna and Kim Kardashian, to name but a few. To get this shape, you need a little bit of length to the nail. Imagine you have a mirror along the centre of the nail and file from where the nail leaves the side of the finger’s skin, to a point towards the middle of the nail edge. Repeat on the other side, to get a perfectly symmetrical shape. This shape is fairly conservative and suits slim fingers the best, if they are not to look too much like the talons of a raven!



stiletto nail shape

Stilleto nails are often thought of as a bit Goth, but judging by this year’s catwalks, they’re definitely making a come-back. Perfect for those who’ve lost their pea-forks or those who love a bit of nail art, this shape is the one to go for but – Ouch! -be careful not to scratch yourself! Achieved in a similar way to the Mountain shape, simply work on a longer nail and make a narrower v-shape to the point at the centre of the nail edge.



arrowhead nail shape

Arrow head looks a bit like the tip of an ink pen. Definitely different, but a shape that could induce the most conservative to give it a whirl: it is appealing to perhaps a literary sector of the population. To get this shape, file the sides of a fairly long nail, into a rectangular, train-track straightness on either side. Then, about halfway along the free-edge (the very outer edge or tip) of the nail, begin to taper the nail into a v-shape, a bit like the Stiletto nail shape. So, you should finish with an initial straight side, that then sweeps sharply into a v-shaped point.


almond nail shape

Almond shaped nails are a timeless beauty: discrete and classically elegant and suit pretty much all finger shapes, sizes and age groups. This shape is similar to the round nail, which simply reflects a rounded cuticle shape, if you’re lucky enough to own one! Start by imagining a c-curve for a cuticle shape and then file the sides of your nail into a straight rectangle ‘train-track’ – i.e., like the beginning of the Mountain shaped nail: straight on either side, like train tracks. Halfway along the free-edge, begin to taper your nail gradually and more curved and less direct than the v-shaped stiletto. Keep in mind that imaginary mirror, down the middle of your nail, to try to achieve a mirror image, a perfect symmetry, on either side of the nail. Make sure you have a soft and not pointed end of the nail. The end should be a c-curve, but narrower than the cuticle’s width. It’s a difficult shape to achieve but – as with all great achievements – practice makes perfect!


rounded nail shape

Rounded nails are the perfect mirror image to a rounded cuticle. A ‘c-curve’ free-edge that should be the same width as the cuticle. This nail shape can be long or short and suits a slimmer finger.



oval nail shape

Oval nails are c-curves for both cuticles and free-edge, with straight train-track sides. Simple and endearing – really pretty for all finger shapes and sizes.



square oval nail shape

Square oval looks difficult, but is surprisingly easy to achieve. You need to start with a longish nail, file the sides into straight train tracks, where possible. At the free-edge, this is where the fun starts! Imagine this very edge of the nail is split into 3 equal segments. With the outer 2, file down into a mitred shape: not the train track straight sides, nor the v-shaped sides of the Stiletto, but somewhere in between these. For the middle segment, simply round off, avoiding what could otherwise resemble the point of the Stiletto shape. Voila!



lipstick nail shape

Square and Lipstick shapes follow the same format as the Square Oval shape: both have the same straight train track sides. The difference is in the finish. The very edge (or free-edge, if you’ve not discovered its technical name yet!) should be filed straight across, without angle, for the Square shape. Try to blunt off the outer edges, though, if you don’t want to scratch your face or ladder your tights! With the Lipstick, instead of a flat straight filed free-edge, keep a bit of the train track sides remaining, but with the rest, file a perfect 45 degree mitred edge and you’ll have this striking shape in no time. Blunt off the very sharp edge a little, though – you don’t want to cause an injury! This shape looks absolutely fabulous with French manicured edges of different colours. Experiment a little, with nail polish colours that compliment your outfit, shoes or handbag and enjoy your fabulous autumn nails!

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