To celebrate this holiday season, we’ve thrown a festive party.  Each member of the beauty team brought their favourite crimson polish and we celebrated a shared love of JACAVA London, cream cakes and other sweet treats.  Despite being surrounded by nail polish and polish remover all day, we all have to admit we’re a little obsessed with it.  Our top reds for this season (in no particular order) are below and feel free to share your comments with us!
1. JACAVA London’s Too Hot To: “Lustrous shimmer, perfect for people who have skin with pale pink/gold undertones.  Blue-reds don’t work for this skin tone, a warm copper colour with festive shimmer does the trick.  This copper red really brightens up my look, making me feel very sexy – perfect for a single lady during party season or Valentines!” – Amy Renoir, Media Co-ordinator
2.  Red Velvet + Oxford Street: “I used to think that mixing nail polish colours was something that only arty people did and I’ve always been a facts-cruncher, not particularly creative.  As I’ve fallen in love with nail colour – can’t help it here! – I’ve adopted a more racy view on what I can and can’t apply to my own finger nails.  I’ve always loved a good manicure and now I use any excuse to pair Red Velvet (a deep claret or burgundy red colour) with Oxford Street (a glitter effect vibrant redcurrant red)” – Sarah Harding, Chemist and Product Strategist
3. Dance With Me: “I’m more passionate about purples but, if I’m wearing something a little more red than blue, then I’ll opt for JACAVA London’s Dance with Me because it has this lovely moorish raspberry red hue, less vibrant and in-your-face than a bright red crimson colour, and it’s slightly metallic too, so it dries even quicker than the fastest polish out there – as I’m always in a rush, this is essential!” – Donna Fielding, Senior Product Analyst
4. Seductress: “Seductress is a deep plum red, a good quality wine red, a temptress red.  It’s sexier than the cinema sirens and it makes me feel fabulous!” – Elodie Newman, Advertising Manager
5. Crimson Crush: “Crimson Crush has got to be a classic, all-year-round, go-to red.  A cool red for perfectly groomed nails, for all occasions.” Eric Guardiola, Logistics Co-ordinator
6. Definitely Red: “My favourite.  Deep but bright.  Totally authentic. Highly pigmented red. Kickass.  Definitely Red!” – Jenny Young, Team Leader
7. Cherry Brandy: “A lovely rich, smokey marsala red. Umm!” – Tara Lane, Communications Editor
8. Bohemian Red: “This little bit of colour provides a contrast to my dark clothes at this time of year.  It’s almost a tomato red shade.  Bright and carefree – just the way I like it!” -Jessica Townsend, Manager
9. Passion: “You can’t get anywhere without passion and we here at JACAVA London have it in abundance! Shiny without a top coat, but sultry and so fabulously on trend with a matte top coat nail polish.” – Deborah Spencer, Accounts Manager
10. Toffee Apple: “This luxurious red is just like the Toffee apple sweet treat: heart warming and vibrantly happy.  Red nails are a game-changer, instantly making you feel sexy and sophisticated.  Two coats and you’ll feel bright and vibrant, but not too ostentatious.” – Todd Anderson,  Colour Technician

What’s your favourite red nail polish colour? Check out the range:

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