Camphor Free Nail Polish

Our nail polish is free from Camphor

JACAVA London Nail Polish is Camphor Free

We DO NOT include Camphor in our '9-FREE' nail polish.

Nails are the outer layers of the epidermis – ‘the skin’. Camphor is swiftly absorbed into the skin, crosses the placenta and has been implicated in fetal death and neonatal death (death of newborn children within the first 28 days of life). Other adverse reactions from skin absorption and ingestion can include hallucinations, convulsions and can even lead to coma.

Camphor is listed on the Proposition 65 list of the State of California.

In addition to Camphor, we also do not include many other potentially toxic ingredients in our nail polish. Read more about the chemicals we do not include in our '9-FREE' nail polish

camphor free nail polish

Paint your nails more healthily with JACAVA London.

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