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Damson Delight Nail Polish

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Indubitably the most luxuriant, sumptuous damson plum colour.

A must-have classic. This deep plum red nail polish shade is perfect for every season

For a salon-perfect finish, first ensure that the nails are completely clean of any oils, old nail polish or other impurities, before applying your Prestige Base Coat Nail Polish, which will protect against stains and also improve adhesion. When all ten nails are dry, very thinly apply your plum red nail polish, painting in steady long strokes, from cuticles to tips, remembering to finish the nails with a sweep of your nail varnish, along the very edge of the nail tip, to lock in and seal your nail colour. For a more lustrous, full-bodied application, repeat with a second coat of colour, before topping with your Prestige Top Coat Nail Polish, again ensuring you sweep your brush along the very edge of the nail tip, to create a more chip-free nail polish and salon lustrous shine. Enjoy your Damson Delight, a deep, rich and absolutely lovely plum red nail polish!

12ml of luxury 9-Free more natural deep plum red nail polish


How to apply

Full guide: See the 5 steps to a perfect manicure

1. Clean the nails with nail polish remover

2. Apply base coat to aid adhesion

3. Apply only 1 or 2 coats of Jacava nail varnish

4. Always apply top coat. For a glass-like finish, we recommend Jacava Prestige top coat

Key Attributes

Complimentary JACAVA London gold-embossed pillow box gift packaging

More natural: 9-free, more breathable nail polish formula

Easy Apply brush: a modern, straight brush, for a more precise nail painting experience

Volume: 12ml

Colour: Plum Red and Burgundy

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base coat

Prestige Base Coat

reduce staining of strong colours, ensure proper adhesion of the nail polish


top coat

Prestige Top Coat

Seal the colour, enhance the shine, with JACAVA Prestige top coat.


top coat and base coat set

Prestige Base and Top Coat Set

Top coat and base coat set. The complete prestige top and base coat set you need.